Let’s talk about February’s birthstone, shall we?  Amethyst is a lovely variety of quartz that has so much going for it:  its beautiful purple shade, its wide availability, and its reasonably affordable price.  Another feature that makes amethyst unique is that fact that it is almost always eye-clean, meaning it has very little in the way of inclusions.  Amethyst is mostly found on the African continent and in Brazil, but has recently been found in Arizona.  Amethyst for the commercial market is almost always cut in India or Thailand.

Amethyst is about a 7 on the Mohs scale, so it is fairly durable for everyday wear.  When shopping for an amethyst you should be aware that it comes in varying degrees of lightness and darkness.  The trade considers amethyst’s top color to be a strongly saturated medium-dark to dark reddish purple.  If having top color is important to you, be prepared to pay more for this. Amethyst is beautiful in any saturation, so find the shade you like best and enjoy!  Since amethyst is so affordable, you will find it in nearly every jewelry store and in many stylish settings.  Amethyst will continue to be a popular choice for all jewelry!

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