Are you a fan of bicolored gemstones?  If you are, Ametrine is the stone for you.  Ametrine shows amethyst and citrine colors in the same stone.  To find the best display of purple and orange, your best bet is to find a gem that is over 5 carats.  A truly valuable Ametrine will display half-and half color with a vivid boundary between the two colors at the center.

You will usually find Ametrine cut as a rectangular step cut, which best displays the two colors.  Ametrine is also a popular choice for fantasy cuts.

Ametrine is very affordable, with fine Ametrine in the $15-25 range per carat.  Ametrine can be found in many jewelry stores and online in many attractive styles.  Ametrine is about a 7 on the Mohs scale, so it is quite durable.  Any time you wear Ametrine, you are bound to get complements on its uniqueness.

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