Install the FDG Boilerplate WP Build

The FDG Boilerplate is a complete build of WordPress, not just a template.


  • You’re starting with a clean, brand new empty server account.
  • You’re installing in the root domain.

Get the files you need.

  1. Log into the Cpanel. Generate a full system backup and download it. This will give you the entirety of the boilerplate as well as the database. You need both.

Change the Theme name to the client’s name.

  1. Go to your backup, and navigate to homedir/public_html/wp-content/themes/
  2. Change the theme “wbp” to the new theme name. Ex: pierone
  3. In your text editor find and replace “wbp” with the new theme name in all files. Ex: “pierone” (no spaces or dashes)
    HINT: I use Notepad++ to do this, using the Find In Files feature. See to see how. Use the Replace All in Find In Files.
  4. In your text editor find and replace “WPBoilerplate 1.0” with the client’s name and the version number. Ex. “PierOne 1.0”
  5. In style.css, on line 2, replace WP Boilerplate with the name of the client. This is what will show up as the Theme name in WordPress so make it human readable. Ex: Pier One Imports.
  6. Save all file changes

Upload to the new site

  1. Upload all the contents of homedir/public_html/ to the new site. Note: Upload the files and folders inside public_html, not the public_html folder itself. Here’s a quick way to upload:
    1. One of the fastest ways to upload the files is to use cPanel’s File Manager. On your new site server, log into cPanel and open File Manager.
    2. On your computer, copy or move homedir/public_html/ to a new folder. (We do this step because if you attempt the next step within the site backup folder, Windows will error.)
    3. Within the new folder, zip the contents of public_html into a zip file. (Contents only, not the public_html folder itself)
    4. In File Manager, upload the zip file to where you want the site. (Root directory is usual, which should be empty. This will also work in a subfolder.)
    5. In File Manager, select the zip file, and click Extract.
    6. Delete the zip file.
  2. In CPanel on the new site, create a new database and user with all permissions. Note the name of the full name of the database, user and password. You’ll need it for configuring wp-config.
  3. In CPanel on the new site, in PHPMyAdmin, import the mysql/adminftp_boilerplate.sql file from your system backup into your new database created in step 2.

Final steps

  1. Still in PHPMyAdmin, go to the wp_options table and change the siteurl and home records to reflect the new url. The new url should ALWAYS have the leading www. Do not enter just the domain name.
    NOTE: if there is an existing site using the domain, you will have to use the IP address. For example, if the new account is, but they have an existing site with that domain, use the dedicated IP address for the new site.
  2. Update wp-config.php with the correct database name, database user and database password.
  3. Log in to /wp-admin and go to Appearance > Themes. Activate the new name of the theme.
  4. View the front end and make sure everything is working correctly.
  5. Optional: Remove the site password protection. Go to Settings > Very Simple Password For WordPress and under General Settings set Enable/Disable to Disable. Save.
  6. Reset the admin users password and update FDG Internal with the new password: Go to Users and edit fdgadmin. Change the password. Update FDG Internal with the new password for your new install.
  7. WPMU is included with the Boilerplate. Using the credentials in FDG Internal, log into WPMU and go to Add the new site to the list shown.


  • I can’t see the new site. I get a server error. Check the .htaccess file. Replace the contents of the .htaccess file with the default contents shown on this page: If you still have the error, check server logs.
  • I have installed the Boilerplate, but when I go to the homepage, I just get a white screen. Did you activate the new theme? Go back to Step 3 of Final Steps and make sure that the new theme has been activated.
  • I get a prompt to put in a password every time I look at a page. Are you logged into the admin? If not, the password protection for the site assumes that you are a visitor and will require you to enter the password to view the page. Either log in, or turn password protection off by doing Step 5 of Final Steps.
  • I get this error: #1273 – Unknown collation: ‘utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci’ when I try to import the database. The problem here is a difference of MySQL versions between servers. To fix, re-export the database using Custom settings:
    • In PHPMyAdmin, go to the boilerpl_wpbp database and click the Export tab.
    • Select Custom.
    • Go down to the Format-specific options section and in the dropdown next to “Database system or older MySQL server to maximize output compatibility with:” select MYSQL40.
    • Click Go.
    • Use this database for step 3 of the Upload to New Site section.


How to Install

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